DJ Policies & FAQ

Why should I book a DJ? Don't you just play music off iTunes like my cousin?

No we don't (but we get why you would think that). When you book a professional DJ from Josh Staley Productions you will receive a skilled MC who will help keep the night moving and fun. You will receive a customized playlist which is carefully selected by your pro to help produce you and your guests' favorite music. You also get an incredible sound system out of the deal - most sound system rentals are more expensive than booking a DJ, and those are the entry level quality systems. No matter how you look at it, booking a professional DJ from Josh Staley Productions is one of the best decisions you can make for your dream wedding day. 


Shouldn't I just book the cheapest DJ I can find?

Not usually. The cheapest DJ may sound and look really good on paper and to your wedding budget, but usually they are cheap for a reason. Either the DJ has poor reviews, is just starting out, or comes with sub-par equipment. Josh Staley Productions seeks to provide excellent service at an affordable rate. We will provide all of the amenities of the most expensive DJ, while still giving you an incredible price. We also check our egos at the door and are at your wedding to serve YOU- not ourselves. 


What sets Josh Staley Productions apart from other DJs? 

At Josh Staley Productions, all of our DJs are professional musicians, sound technicians, worship leaders, or live show producers. Everyone we hire is trained well beyond the average DJ and will be able to help you plan, setup, and execute the wedding or special event of your dreams. They are exhaustively familiar with all of their equipment and will be 110% prepared on the day of your event. Our DJs are honest, super fun, outgoing, hard-working, responsible, professional, and driven to give their best to every job that comes their way. We work hard to make your dream event, a reality.


Do I get to choose which DJ I get?

When you fill out the form to submit your initial inquiry, you are able to select which DJ you'd prefer we assign to your wedding day! While we can't always accommodate every request, we take great care in analyzing every wedding we have scheduled for a particular date so we can pair you with the DJ that we believe is the best fit for you. 


Do you offer any kind of reception lighting with your packages?

Yes! We include dance floor lighting with every package, and you'll also have the option to add venue uplighting. We include dance floor lighting because in our opinion, it just makes the dance floor a lot more fun for your and your guests! Our uplighting package is completely customizable to match your wedding color palette and can make any reception space look amazing. Fill out our inquiry form to request more information!


To book with Josh Staley Productions, we ask for a $100 non-refundable deposit which is included in your total. This deposit (along with a signed contract) guarantees your wedding date will be reserved, and your Josh Staley Productions DJ will be there to carry out everything agreed upon during our pre-wedding communication. The deposit is non-refundable because we are in high demand, and if we reserve your date we will likely be turning other opportunities away since we book on a first come, first serve basis.